Varanasi Photography Tour - The Rhythm of The Cosmos

A private, fully-personalized photography tour of three or more days to the oldest, continuously inhabited city on the planet. A photography tour to an unparalleled destination - one that encapsulates the very essence of India. A photography tour led by a veteran photographer that will leave you with an experience - and photographs - never to be forgotten. That, is our Varanasi Photography Tour for you - a journey to the very Soul of India!

Photography Tour Varanasi | Photography Tour India

Experience and photograph the very Rhythm of the Cosmos on our Varanasi Photography Tour to the oldest continuously inhabited city on the planet. A city that encapsulates the very essence of India’s Hindu religion, a city that is the very soul of India.

Led by our founder Neville Bulsara – a professional travel photographer and a veteran of innumerable photo trips to Varanasi – this fast-paced photography tour is designed from the ground-up to get you to the best locations at the best times of day with the express purpose of leaving you with an experience and photographs that will last you a lifetime.

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Varanasi Photography Tour
Photography Tour Varanasi

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Light Chaser, Light Warrior, Light Painter, Visual Storyteller… Neville Bulsara is a professional travel photographer based in Mumbai, India. While not shooting on assignment, Neville leads photography tours, workshops and expeditions to some of the most beautiful locations in India. Read more about us, our philosophy, and what drives us…

varanasi photography tour

Photography Tour

Varanasi: The Rhythm of The Cosmos

Encapsulating the essence of India’s Hindu religion, Varanasi – with it’s endearing faith, picturesque river ghats, and a way of life unlike any other in the country – ranks among the most sought-after destinations on our India photography tours.

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Passionate to a fault - both about India & photography - Stops Of Light conducts the most unique, insightful and inspiring photography workshops in Mumbai, as well as photography tours, workshops & expeditions in India. Our India Photography Tours include small-group photography tours to Varanasi, Rajasthan, Agra, The Pushkar Camel Fair and Ladakh.