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The Art Of Seeing Photography Workshop

Simply put, The Best Photography Workshop in Mumbai. No, Make that The Best Photography Workshop in India. Period!

Learn how to better observe the world around you, improve your ability to see the endless possibilities in a setting and become a better photographer. Discover the ability to translate your vision into evocative images that communicate your vision. Join me on this one-of-a-kind photography workshop in Mumbai as I take you on a visual journey over six amazing hours that will not only change your photography but forever will change the way you look at the world around you!

Photography Workshop Mumbai

The Art Of Seeing - Workshop Synopsis

What this amazing photography workshop is all about
Weekend Photography Workshops in Mumbai

From snapshots to Great Shots – The Art of  Seeing

A unique, one-of-a-kind weekend photography workshop in Mumbai – India, designed to teach and instill the ability to see visually and tell a story through pictures. Put simply, this is the photography workshop that empowers you to go from taking snapshots to making Great Shots.

Conducted in Mumbai, the “FROM SNAPSHOTS TO GREAT SHOTS – THE ART OF SEEING”   is the definitive workshop that will set you on the path to making great images with the camera you own – DSLRs, Point-and-shoots & cell phones included!  And, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a rank amateur just starting off with photography, a committed hobbyist familiar with their craft,  or a professional

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Good, you have less nonsense to unlearn.

I really mean that. More often than not, people who are absolutely new to photography find it easier to pay attention to the world around them compared to those who – courtesy the workshops they’ve attended in the past – are fixated on the camera! 

Attend the Art Of Seeing Photography Workshop  and you’ll find yourself making evocative images that reflect your unique personality and vision faster than those who’ve attended those other dime-a-dozen photography workshops  courses (that effectively go “camera, camera, camera” and do little to pay attention to what really matters: What is there around you, what is it you feel about it, and how do you go about communicating that feeling!)

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O.K. so you’ve read your manual cover to camera and know how to use it. Or maybe you did a workshop, one where you learned about “Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, ISO, The Rule Of Thirds, blah blah, blah”. And you mastered all that. Great,  except for the fact your photographs still lacked impact!

So maybe you bought more gear. Perhaps did a workshop on “post-processing”.   Great,  except for the fact your photographs still lacked impact!

Do you feel that what you’re really doing is taking the same bloody cliche images everybody else is? That  you aren’t really composing for yourself, that all you’re doing is merely copying the compositions of others?

Want to dig out of that hole you’ve dug yourself into? Can I help? You bet I can!

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You already know the importance of the proverbial “nut behind the camera”. The fact that – to quote Ansel Adams – “you don’t take a photograph; you make a photograph”…

But did you know that Ansel Adams also said that  “We bring to the act of photography all the books we have read, the movies we have seen, the music we have heard, the people we have loved.”?

Wonder what he really, really meant by that? Wouldn’t you just love to know how really deep this rabbit-hole that is Seeing really goes?

What I teach in the Art Of Seeing Photography Workshop  runs so deep that not only will it change your outlook of photography (and better it!), but will change the way you look at Life itself!

The principles, methods, and skills that you will learn in this workshop will lift the veil of your preconceptions from over your eyes and mind (actually, “blow them to smithereens” would be a more apt description).

You’ll be amazed to find a wealth of photo-opportunities just waiting to be discovered everywhere, and seeing the world as you’ve never seen it before. You’ll be surprised on a daily basis as your ability to see and observe increases and keeps growing. You’ll delight as you discover the interconnected nature of things in front of you and how one flows to the other. You’ll begin to glimpse The Bigger Picture……

Guess what? Your photography will be so, so  much the better for it!

“And what about gear?” did I hear you ask?

I’m often asked what photography gear I use to make my photos; the answer is this: “two eyes, one brain, one heart. One index finger to trip the shutter button. And oh yes, the camera – that just captures what my eyes see, my brain thinks and my heart feels onto a memory card. That’s my gear for you!”

The most important equipment in photography? It’s not the camera – it’s YOU!

About time you learnt to recognize and unleash your true potential, don’t you think?

The Essence Of Photography? It’s got nothing to do with the camera!

In the midst of all those dials and buttons move those photographer-artists who’ve learnt to see. Sometimes in a slow and deliberate fashion, sometimes almost flippantly, ever flowing freely. Now they become what they see, now what they see becomes them. This, is the unequivocal message of those who’ve learnt to see: Do not confuse the camera with the fact that what you’re really doing is Seeing!

What you'll learn

A very brief look at the topics covered in the workshop

The Fundamentals of Seeing

The difference between Looking versus Seeing. How Seeing is different from Composition. What are the barriers to Seeing and how to overcome them. How our minds process visual information.

Photography Workshop Mumbai - The Art of Seeing

The Power of Color

Color theory and symbolism, how to use color, the pitfalls of color, using color for maximum impact.

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The Beauty of  Form

What is Form? The building blocks of form, their symbolism and emotional impact, mutability and how to use them to make better photographs.

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The 3rd Dimension & Beyond – Perspective and Time

Principles & methods for creating the illusion of depth in a two dimensional image. Principles and methods to lead the eye on a visual journey through the image.

Mumbai Photography Workshop


What are ‘Moments’? Their classifications, preparing for them, spotting them and nailing The Decisive Moment.

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Understanding contrast and its role in the image making process. Dispelling the myth that contrast is just about light and dark. Understanding the emotional impact of the various types of contrast and how to best use them.

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Putting it all together

Learn how to dissect what lies before your eyes, then learn how to put things back together.  Learn how to make compelling photographs that tell an entire story in a single frame.

Art of Seeing Photography Workshop

Wait, there’s more!

The rule of thirds? Vertical vs horizontal compositions? Blah, blah, blah… forget all that you’ve read up on that stuff that really doesn’t get you anywhere unless you’ve learnt to see. You’ll learn what Composition really is (trust me, it really isn’t what you think it is), and you’ll learn The One and Only  Definitive Rule of Composition – and in that is contained the very essence of whether an image works or not.  What you will  also learn is just how far learning how to see can go in bettering the way we post-process images. Plus, you get lifetime access to our private group on Facebook where you can interact with other past participants, post your images for review as you go about implementing what you learnt, receive valuable tip. You also get privileged access to our closed, members-only monthly photowalks where you get the unique opportunity to test and further your learning in the company of others who’ve done the course. And  much, much more…

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The Nitty-gritties

Where the photography workshop is held, when it’s scheduled for, timings, what to bring along, and how much it costs.

The Bulsara Residence, 104, 2-B, Gold Coin, Opp. SoBo Central Mall, Tardeo Road, Mumbai 400034

Schedule for February  2018

One Batch each on:

Sunday 18th February, 2018

Sunday 25th February, 2018

Time: 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

Limited to four participants per batch

Your Eyes. Your Mind. Your Heart

We’ll open all three to the beauty of everything around you by the time we’re through.

₹ 4,500/-

Includes a light lunch.

And includes a learning experience that’ll last you a lifetime!

Praise for The Art of Seeing Photography Workshop

The Art of Seeing Photography Workshop has – since its inception in 2012 – empowered over 300 participants from in and around Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi etc., as well as people of foreign origin visiting or residing in India to make great photographs. We invited some of them to share their stories, and we are so happy to see what we have helped them accomplish...

A Powerful Workshop

The Art Of Seeing workshop is a one of a kind, unique workshop, very different from the ‘know your camera’ type workshops. This focuses on identifying the ingredients that go into making photographs that stand out from the rest; photographs that speak stories of their own. Neville shares a lot of interesting concepts and breaks them down, making them easy to understand and practical to use while in field. Yet, each of these concepts are immensely powerful and, together, they unlock a whole world of possibilities. Armed with this knowledge, there simply is no turning back from here. I already feel confident about freely expressing myself through photography thanks to Neville. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone keen on taking their photography to another level altogether.


One of a kind..!!

If you believe, photography is something more than taking pretty pictures..
Or if you appreciate simplicity in any kind of visual art form,
I think this workshop is going to be a ‘mind opener’ for you.

Make photographs..
Good day..


A Journey that Opens Your Mind and Eyes to the Immensely Vast &  Inspiring World of Photography, Design and Visual Arts

“What did you see on your way to this workshop? What caught your eye, and why?”

It was with these simple questions that Neville began The Art Of Seeing Photography Workshop,  and at the end of the day, I was in a completely different creative zone, “seeing” the same old world around me with completely new eyes. Neville Bulsara’s  Art of Seeing Photography Workshop is a journey that opens your mind and eyes to the immensely vast &  inspiring world of photography and elements of design and visual art. Suddenly, seemingly mundane things start to appeal to one’s creative and aesthetic sense. Neville has a brilliant way of discussing the most profound concepts sans any jargon. He explains elements of composition, texture, light, colors, contrast and the “decisive moment” along with the slide show of his amazing work and makes participants practice those very concepts in away that one is convinced photography is not about the most coveted expensive gizmos! It is about our eyes, an alert mind and an open heart that is willing to find the extraordinary in the most “ordinary”. Don’t miss this workshop! I promise you, it will change your visual perception so beautifully that you will wonder why you didn’t see these things before!!? Deep bow Neville Bulsara, my teacher! Thanks for helping me widen my horizons by leading me to the “Art Of Seeing”

Simi Grace Mehta
Investment Professional

Gives an entirely new perspective to taking photographs…

An important workshop to be attended by every person interested in taking up photography or those who have taken up photography. This workshop covers the most important aspects of photography which are not covered in any DSLR courses. A very well thought of and conceptualized workshop. Gives an entirely new perspective to taking photographs. Neville is excellent in conducting this workshop and his photographs breathe life…

Gita Bade

A must for all those who want to enhance their ‘vision’ & take their photography to the next level.

A fantastic workshop which enlightens us on the way we look at things. This is much different than the usual workshops which teach how to use the camera settings. It opens up your mind to a different way of looking at the world altogether. Neville is a very passionate teacher & explains the concepts in depth. This workshop is a must for all those who want to enhance their ‘vision’ & take their photography to the next level.  Absolutely delighted to have taken the decision to attend this workshop!

Ronson DSouza

Highly recommend it!

This workshop gave me a new insight into elements of design and the way we see things to make our photographs Stand apart from the rest. Highly recommend it and looking forward to his post processing workshop too.

Shruti Agrawal

An eye-opener… Simple, yet profound!

I attended a 1-day workshop solely dedicated to “Composition, the Art of Seeing” in Photography conducted by Neville Bulsara( and I must say that it is a real eye opener, a complete shift from conventional principles and beliefs we have about photography and composition in particular. Simple, yet profound.We didn’t for once discuss the camera, nor the technicalities of a DSLR in the entire session.

We didn’t for once discuss the camera, nor the technicalities of a DSLR in the entire session.

An awesome experience!

I recommend this to all my friends who are into photography.

Parag V. Parekh
Rosy Blue

The Workshop justifies its name!

Attending Neville’s Art Of Seeing Photography Workshop was an eye-opener. There is way more to photography than expensive cameras and lenses, and one needs to rise above camera functions as well as random clicks to capture a well thought-of beautiful image.
Neville teaches methodically and with great clarity. Neville will not give you what one would expect from a run-of-the-mill photography workshop; his content is superior and the  ‘Art Of Seeing Photography Workshop’ truly justifies its name! For before a camera a photographer needs to learn how to develop and employ their vision and Neville Bulsara teaches you how to do just that.
Neha Pathak

He has set me free!

… barring a few years, the camera has been my continual accomplice for thirty-six years. And while my photographs have been technically well shot and good looking, my creative cravings have always wanted for more. To address this, I enrolled in several photography workshops & courses but always came back completely disappointed. Till finally, I attended the Art of Seeing Photography Workshop.

I came across this workshop on Facebook, visited the Stops Of Light site, where I spent almost a week looking at the images and carefully reading Neville’s thoughts on various aspects of photography. It was only after that that I decided to call him and enroll myself for the workshop.

I was very clear during my call. There I was telling Neville that I was looking for a workshop that DID NOT teach me to use my camera, but rather guided me through aspects of photography that no one bothers to teach. And then Neville goes “Oh sure! Don’t even bother bringing your camera…”

It has been some time that I completed this workshop and the vision that Neville has provided has completely transformed my way of seeing things and situations. My ability to make photographs is now not bound by equipment or accessories, but are guided just by developing my abilities to “see” better. He has set me free!

Do I recommend this workshop? Oh hell yes! Of course, I do! Not just for aspiring photographers, but also for many of us who have been wasting our shutters making ‘copies of compositions’ that we see in the multiples of thousands of images every day.

Milind Pandit

Brilliantly structured curriculum and style of teaching

An extremely complex subject simplified as few can… brilliantly structured curriculum and style of teaching.

Tribhuvan Thapa

If there’s just one photography workshop you should attend, this is it!

Neville doesn’t just observe the world, he strips it bare. And the best part is he shows you how to do it for yourself. If there’s just one photography workshop you should attend, this is it!

Greg L.

I suggest Neville – it doesn’t get any better!

You could read a hundred books. Or struggle through thousands of articles on the net. Alternatively, you can spend a few hours with Neville Bulsara on this photography workshop. I suggest Neville – it doesn’t get any better!

Vinay Agarwal
Strategist: Fortuna Material Management Pvt. Ltd.

Far exceeded my already high expectations!

Based on the reviews, I had very high expectations when I went to the workshop and I must say the experience was better than anything I could imagine and far exceeded my already high expectations. Neville’s thought process is amazing! He is a true genius and a storehouse of knowledge which he brings to what he teaches. His Art Of Seeing Photography Workshop guides you to do the same and how to see the beauty and make sense of all things around you – things that were always there but you dismissed as “ordinary” and never captured. No matter what kind – or level – of photographer you are, you will definitely gain from this experience.

Dr. Gur Raunaq Singh
Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre

Teaches you how to think!

In my opinion, one of the greatest ways in which any teacher can contribute to a student’s progress is by helping them understand how to think, and not simply teaching what one already knows. Neville’s Art of Seeing workshop is a classic case in point. More than talking about how to use a camera, it focuses on how to expand your point of view and your ability to think, so that you appreciate the beauty that lies all around you, and the moments that are occurring all the time. I strongly recommend his workshop for anyone interested in photography (or anyone actually, the lessons learned here go far beyond photography!) which will reorient your vision and approach towards the subject, and will cover the key ideas that help you see better, thereby removing the clutter that you will otherwise find in the field of photography.

Saptarshi Sen
Associate Vice President, Infrastructure Project & Structured Finance

Changed my perspective towards photography!

I came across this workshop a few years before finally deciding to attend it in May 2016, and I regret having deferred attending it for so long! I Initially I had an apprehension that the workshop might just limit my vision to see and photograph in some and certain ways, but trust me, it really opens up your mind and eyes to a great extent. My takeaway from the workshop is that there is much greater and deeper connect that one needs to bring into his or her Photography than one can imagine. This workshop in no ways will limit your vision but will help open it and move away from what Neville calls it as “me cramp”. This photography workshop certainly has changed my perspective towards photography.

Chetan Rana

A Must-Attend Workshop!

It’s an amazing workshop. Neville breaks down the principles of seeing and image making so well. I am a wedding photographer, and when I attended his workshop back in 2014, I was at a point where I was going through a photographic block. I knew I wanted to make a certain type of image but couldn’t figure out how. Neville’s Art of Seeing workshop answered those HOWs. The best part about him is that the mentoring process goes on after the workshop too if need be. He answered many of my questions and queries and helped and guided me through that creative block period even after the workshop. And his members only photo-walks are a must attend. It’s teachings applied in real life. :) Overall, it’s a must attend workshop.

Urvi Arora
Urvi Arora Photography

A truly eye-opening session!

It was truly an eye-opening session with Neville. One can keep holding a camera and not see anything through the viewfinder unless one acquires the ability to “see”. Neville got me to see things through a photographer’s vision, mindset, and perspective. I don’t think anybody can explain what Composition really is and simplify it the way Neville did! Thanks, Neville!!!

Aninda Banerjee
Wipro, Convergys

He actually teaches you how to see photographically!

Neville taught me to observe –  to carefully view a scene and to bring out the best of it through my pictures. In a few hours he taught me the importance of the elements that are required to make a great picture.. he actually teaches the ‘art of seeing’ … I have been pursuing photography for years now, and people often compliment me saying my pictures tell a story. I owe each frame to my Guru – Neville Bulsara.

Neha Mandlekar

An incredibly enlightening and inspiring workshop

I did this photography workshop and can’t recommend it enough. More than what I learned to see, I couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on seeing! It’s just amazing what I can do once I actually start “seeing” and stop thinking about the camera…So many shapes, colors, patterns, forms, contrasts and moments to capture. It was pure delight. It was an incredibly enlightening and inspiring workshop, and Neville Bulsara is an amazing teacher!

Sharell Maya Maharana

Keep your cameras and experience aside!

Keep your cameras and experience aside! Attend this workshop and feel the difference in the way you see the world around you! I highly recommend this photography workshop, even if you consider yourself an expert photographer.

Shishir Dhulla
Shishir Dhulla / Photography

I truly feel like I learned the very soul of photography!

Am yet under the hangover of the Art of Seeing Photography Workshop; I truly feel like I learned the very soul of photography! Heartfelt thanks..

Pushkar Bagmar
SKP Tricor Corporate Services, Pune

Highly recommended!

Shoot like a pro after this course! I always could say, this is a good photo, this is not. But I could never say why. After the course, I learned what are the elements of a good photo and my photography improved dramatically. And the best part is, you leave your camera behind when you go for the course! That’s when you learn where the magic is: in your eyes and mind – and not in the camera!! Highly recommended!

Peter Theobald
Hitachi Systems Micro-clinic

Because Great Photography is not about technique. Nor is it about the camera, lenses, gear, or anything else. You either see, or you don't see. The rest is academic. Photography is simply a function of Seeing. Nothing more.

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