The Best Photography Workshops & Courses in Mumbai

Unique, insightful and inspiring photography workshops in Mumbai based on one core belief: “Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; teach him how to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime”.

All our Photography Workshops & Courses in Mumbai are designed based on that one core belief we’ve listed above.

Emphasis on techniques, tools, rules, formulas and camera gear is nothing but giving a man fish; a focus on understanding pure principles and fundamentals is truly teaching a man how to fish. The former leads to enslavement and mediocrity at best, the latter is  about man – the individual, secure in his or her understanding.

The latter is about You!


It is this unique approach of ours to photography – and teaching the art and craft behind it – that makes our photography workshops and courses in Mumbai  so radically different from everybody else. For us, photography isn’t – and should not be taught – as a bunch of techniques. Because all techniques at the end are self-defeating. Rather, we choose to approach and teach photography from the premise of core principles and fundamentals – an approach that literally opens a world of possibilities and discovery, enough to last you a lifetime.


We don’t believe the camera is better than you. We don’t believe that you are meant to be enslaved by techniques, formulas and recipes. We don’t believe that you’re incapable of thinking. We don’t believe that you’re so incapable that you need to be given fish…

What’s different about us is this: We believe in YOU!

Ready to learn to fish? Take our word for it, you’ll eat for a lifetime!

Workshop Listings

A quick look at our current photography workshops in Mumbai
Photography Workshops Mumbai

From snapshots to Great Shots – The Art of  Seeing

A unique, one-of-a-kind weekend photography workshop in Mumbai – India, designed to teach and instill the ability to see visually and tell a story through pictures. Described by participants as “A Masterclass on visual design and Composition”, put simply  this is the photography workshop that empowers you to go from taking snapshots to making Great Shots. Read more about the best photography workshop in Mumbai, if not the whole of India!

Photography Workshops Mumbai

DSLR, Unplugged –  The Authoritative Workshop on the Basics and Fundamentals of DSLR Photography

A meticulously designed to-the-point weekend photography workshop in Mumbai – India, designed to instill a rock-solid foundation and understanding of precisely the skills you need to master your DSLR and help you make great photographs in the shortest possible time. Read more about this unique DSLR Photography Workshop in Mumbai…

Photography courses mumbai

Vision, Unplugged –  The Science & Art of Photo Editing (demonstrated using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom)

A Masterclass on the Timeless and Everlasting Principles & Methods of the Science and Art of Photo Editing. A truly revolutionary photography workshop that – via the medium of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – teaches you how to make optimum use of the most powerful photo-editing & post-processing tools ever created: Your Mind & Your Heart

Details coming soon.

Passionate to a fault – both about India & photography – Stops Of Light conducts the most unique, insightful and inspiring photography workshops in Mumbai, as well as photography tours, workshops & expeditions in India. Our India Photography Tours include small-group photography tours to Varanasi, Rajasthan, Agra, The Pushkar Camel Fair and Ladakh.