One location. Countless photographic opportunities. One mentor. Packed with learning. Ten Art of Seeing Workshop Participants. Fancy being one of them?

A 3-day guided, mentored photography conclave to the oldest, continuously inhabited place on the planet. Packed with daily photo-walks, discussions, lectures, invaluable tips,  image editing and review sessions and priceless travel photography and story-telling insights, this is an unrivaled opportunity for participants of The Art of Seeing Photography Workshop to put all their learning to the test and  further their artistic journey.



Where & When

Where: Timbuktu
Just kidding, of course. Varanasi it is!

1st Batch –  April 14th – April 16th, 2016
2nd Batch – May 2016, dates TBA


₹ 8,000/-
(for Art of Seeing Workshop Participants only)
Includes cost of tuition, guided walks, and one boat ride.
Costs do not include your travel, accommodation, meals, refreshments, laundry, or your get-out-of-jail-free card.

Typical Itinerary

Day 1
: Arrive in Varanasi on the 14th (or earlier). We meet up in the suite of your mentor at 4 pm for an introductory discussion about the evening shoot and tips on how to go about the process of photographing the Ganga Aarti. Head to the river ghats by around five, making photographs of the throngs of people there. Familiarize yourself with the location and vantage points before the ceremony begins. Evening photography of the ceremony followed by discussion of the evening session and a prelude to the next morning’s shoot over dinner at El-cheapo Varanasi Bhojan Bhandar (I’m sure there’s one by that name!); each-one-pay-for-one, that way everybody pays for the other!

Day 2: Converge at our designated meet-up point before dawn. Make images of arriving pilgrims before taking a boat ride (four pax per boat), photographing the river and the worshipers along its banks. Then we’ll have a walk along a section of the ghats before returning to our respective hotels / hole-in-the-wall pads for breakfast. Later, meet up at your mentor’s suite for image-reviews and editing, followed by a presentation on Travel Photography and the Art of  Visual Storytelling. Break for lunch, meet up after that for a walk around the streets of Varanasi. The evening sees us photographing the worship ceremony again; you’ll be more prepared now what with the previous evening’s experience and all the stuff you’ll have learned today. Discussion over dinner regarding lessons learned and experience gleaned.

Day 3: Repeat first sentence from Day 1 above. We’ll spend the morning exploring and photographing the length of the ghats on foot, photographing activities as they unfold there – a very different point-of-view (as you know, I don’t use that term interchangeably with ‘Perspective’!) from the previous day’s shoot from the boat. Break for breakfast by the time the sun gets harsh. Make your way back to your mentor’s suite for more image reviews and editing. Break for lunch, then more editing and reviews until 4 pm, which is when the workshop ends. Don’t forget to take your tee-shirt; you gotta have something that says “Been there, Seen things, Got the shots to prove it!”



The slideshow at the top of this page — it’s beautiful! How did you put it together? I want to see it again!

You can play it again, Sam!

What are the dates for the 2nd Batch in May?

Not yet decided, it’ll typically be a weekend, so make that a Friday through Sunday; please write in with your preferred date so we can take a call.

How many participants per batch?

Ten. No more.

April & May, won’t that be hot?

Well, let me put it this way: the chances are high that if you were to crack an egg on one of those stone steps of the ghats at noon, you may just end up frying it; I suppose that does count as ‘hot’. Which is why we’ll be restricting our shoots to the early mornings, afternoons and evenings, reserving the rest of the day to indoor discussions, lectures and learning. And of course there’s the issue of light.

What time do we start off in the mornings?

Sunrise in April will be around 5:30 am; in May it’ll be around 5:15. Sounds frightfully early doesn’t it? Well, the early bird not only gets the worm, it also gets the best light!

Where can I put up, and how much would it cost?

Varanasi is full of hotels ranging from top-of-the-notch ones to hole-in-the-wall one’s you wouldn’t want to take your parakeet to. Write in for options, and try to co-ordinate with other participants to avail of twin-sharing.

For any further details on how to register, travel, accommodation, or any other queries, please contact us.


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